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Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams

I have tried everything to get my son to pee on the toilet.

  • In 1985, Amy began writing fiction as an incentive to cut back on her heavy freelance workload.

  • We are at the point where the good toys are gone and we are stuck with junk.

  • Rick is saddened by Amy's death and buries her along with the other camp survivors who perished in the walker attack.

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After a plumbing accident makes her apartment uninhabitable in season 10, Sheldon and Amy embark on a five-week experiment living together to test their compatibility.

  • She has a in Bialik herself has a PhD in neuroscience , with a research focus on addiction in primates and invertebrates, occasionally mentioning such experiments as getting a addicted to cigarettes or starfish addicted to cocaine.

  • Amy reaches up for Andrea, somewhat pulling her hair.

  • When Ed comes around and begins snapping at the women, telling Carol it is time to go, Andrea intervenes and sticks up for Carol, while Amy tries to prevent a fight by asking Andrea to stop.