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In english amour AMOUR English

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In english amour Amour

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The bird you thought you had caught beat its wings and flew away … love stays away, you wait and wait; when least expected, there it is! At the same time the director realized that the Swiss-Canadian with 2010 had created a similar story, about an old man who is taken care of by his wife.

  • The film tries to show, in the middle of the cruelty, the ray of hope that there is in people ready to break the rules, in love, in madness, in goodness, and occasionally, in the horrible fear, which makes people make whatever in order to save their lives or the lives of their families, although this means to hurt their own friends.

  • Georges continues to look after Anne, despite the strain it puts on him.

  • Are you wondering how to express your love in French? She was preyed by the seducer, abandoned regardless of his oaths.